The “Flow State”

The ‘Flow State’ is a state of mind and body in which a human is able to perform beyond ordinary abilities.

It is a ‘peak state’ in which components of the human being are synchronized to a degree that physical and mental obstacles are being overcomed with little or no effort.

Very often other peak-states are being mistaken for the ‘Flow State’. It is being assumed that the ‘real’ Flow State cannot be simply ‘switched on’ and that one can only prepare oneself for the possibility that ‘it happens’. This is partially true. However, one CAN enter the true Flow State deliberately using the outline given by Max Sandor’s in his Thrills&Chills Management articles if one can follow his footsteps.

It would be very difficult to teach the true ‘Flow State’ using online media. An interactive workshop ny Max Sandor can offer an introduction and a first glimpse.  Personal coaching is usually necessary but even that cannot guarantee the achievement of a real, ‘true’ Flow State.

Most aspirants capitulate because of inner resistances. Learning and applying the Girapoli package and undergo Epigenetic Tuning&Reprogramming are excellent preparations that have been leading people quite naturally and by itself into the experience of the true ‘Flow State’.

Serious aspirants can engage in the Reset, Restart, Go! program which provides a 9 day immersion program for body and mind.