Reset, Restart, Go!

resetwarningA complete life reset in 9 days. The actual program is individual and will vary from person to person, There will be no contact with the outside world for the first 6 days. Only available in Brazil at selected times.

Why would you want to do that?


Vacation Versus Reset!Restart,Go! – Do you want a Soft Reset or a Hard Reset?

Let me do an awkward comparison: for the past weeks I had been tweaking my cellular with Windows 10-Beta loaded. I was getting rid of old data, moving apps around, resetting again and again, until the memory was full once more and Whatsapp stopped working completely. Then, yesterday, I came across a website saying: YES, you should do hard reset on your Windows 10! Finally, I decided to go through the ordeal. It was much easier and faster than I expected. Everything is reloaded again, memory usage dropped by 50 (fifty!) percent. It’s like having a brand-new phone.

This maybe sort of an inappropriate comparison. But it reflects the reality of life: sometimes it is not sufficient anymore to cope with a full agenda, overloaded brain, a chest full of suppressed emotions, and a constant frustration. Vacations may give a short relief. But after a day back in the mill, everything is the same as before. A sabbatical is a drastic solution and not always viable for the future.

Enter Reset!Restart,Go! into the picture. In 9 days, you can more than just recycle, you can reset your entire system. And, with Epigenetic Tuning&Reprogramming incorporated, you can get MORE than your factory settings back, so to speak, you’ll get a lot of major bug fixes and a lot of apps and upgrades for free.

This 9-day-program can include revolutionary apps like MicroMotion, 4-Warriors, and the ‘Flow State’ training, all three exceeding ordinary human abilities and are currently only taught in person by Max Sandor in Brazil.




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