Girapoli (depolarization)

Girapoli is a process sequence for enhanced depolarization. It is being offered as a package of 4 sessions in which you will learn to do it for yourself after having successfully depolarized several cardinal polarizations which are common to all human beings.

Polarization, the root cause for all problems

Most ancient philosophies and religions have isolated the phenomenon of polarization as the root cause of most, if not all, problems, either explicitly, like the Vedas and original Buddhism, or implicitly, like the Gnostics and African Ifá.

There is only one known remedy to it, all others tentatives are worsening the problem.  There is a temporary shortcut which consists in assuming the ‘opposite pole’. This has sometimes been seen as the final solution, like in the Balinese philosophy, and has been cause of a lot of misinterpretations. Both approaches are being practiced and taught while doing the Girapoli package.

Mistaking polarization as a general ‘law’ in the progress of civilizations

Based on Greek and Indian philosophies, European philosophers have concluded that polarization be a fact of nature and would be beneficial. This has led to the theory of ‘historical dialectic materialism’ of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, for example. After doing the Girapoli process for a short time only, you may already come to look at this and similar inferential constructions simply as belief systems.

Group polarization and manipulation

Members of groups can share a common polarization as a means of identifying with the group. This has been used extensively as a tool of manipulation. Recognizing these influences and becoming free from group identities and its insanities requires a basic individual polarity handling first.

Being caught in the ‘Matrix’

Polarizations do not occur just in isolated nodes but in polarized contexts. It is not enough to find and depolarize just one central polarization and be done with it. It is necessary to systematically erase the network of polarizations in one’s life which one could call the matrix of belief systems.  In the Girapoli package, an emphasis is therefore given to the learning of Girapoli process itself and its application in daily life.

Girapoli: beyond depolarization

In the Girapoli process, you can go far beyond any past solution to the resolution of the all-pervasive problem of polarizations. You can see for yourself what the original reasons for the existence of polarities are and you will learn how to ‘invoke’ polarities safely and draw its full power without getting hurt. To the best of our knowledge, this has never been done in the history of man before. With the knowledge and application of Girapoli, you can enter a new phase in the evolution of mankind!



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