Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming

Influences from the environment control our thoughts and emotions and can distort even our physical sensations. They are usually hidden from the conscious inspection of the human mind and can override genetic programming (DNA). They are summarized under the heading of epigenetics.

With the program package Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming, we can learn to identify the sources of epigenetic influences. We can then choose whether we want to amplify its influence in order to bring more of it into lives or if we want to eliminate them. We call this process tuning because we use emotional resonance to modify its characteristics.

This process should not be confused with a recent method for biological manipulation of genetic material (DNA) that is also known as Epigenetic Tuning. Such an alteration produces genetically modified organisms (GMOs) which can produce new offspring, such as in plant cultures, or even a human GMO. The role of DNA itself has been disproportionally blown up since its discovery. Today’s concept of its applications is but just one short step away from racism and eugenics. With this, we do not have anything in common.

In any case, recent scientific research has claimed that meditation can alter DNA itself. There has been no official medical investigation so far on the impact of Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming as a modifier of DNA. For the individual, the permanent relief that comes as a result of Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming does not need any such proof.  It is evident in itself through one’s own personal perceptions and experience.

The same holds true for ‘reprogramming’. Whether specific genes are being physically changed or not through Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming is irrelevant as long as the results show a new behavior pattern. With reprogramming we can literally ‘copy’ talents and qualities such as playing musical instruments or learning foreign languages.

The first part of Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming has previously been a package in itself. It provides a person with a completely new way of perceiving oneself in the stream of time between past and future. This is necessary to avoid an actuation of emotional contents associated with patterns in the past, such as traumatic memories, panic and phobias, or excessive flynching. This first part in itself is already more than reason enough to embark into learning and applying Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming for oneself.

This package comes in 4 individual sessions and with full online support for the time in between sessions. There is a website and a facebook page for Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming. After the first two sessions, access is granted to closed group on Facebook which provides background materials and the opportunity to share with others who are have applied Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming in their lives. It has become also a source of inspiration for many because you can learn from others of some of the many ways that Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming can be employed for more success and happiness in daily life.