NewCiv Blog

Before there were blog as we know them, there was the NewCiv Network. This system, coded by Flemming, contained blog features for each of the registered members.

Max was one of the early members – actually had the computer that ran the site in his office for a while – and was blogging like a maniac.

That NewCiv network is mostly abandoned but still there. So, here is a list of the posts from Max from 2013 until 2016. The blog was called the Sandorian Grove and the domain pointed to it. There are many links on these pages that don’t work anymore – remember: mostly abandoned – and there are lots of spam comments, but at least we get a clue what Max was scheming and plotting then.

Here is the list of his posts – latest first. You will have to use your browser’s Back button to return here as many of the internal links do not work anymore.

A summary of the summaries of Max Sandor’s projects
Project Summary 6. Game Theory – why and how do we manifest?
Project Summary 5: Polar Dynamics – theory and praxis of polarities
Project Summary 4: Quantum Fá – a practical guide to this Universe
Project Summary 3: The Book of Numbers
Project Summary 2: UrTon – the basis of spoken languages
Project Summary 1: The ConCur Paradigm – the structure of Reality
Robot Psychologist (by Awaz)
Project Summary 7: Archetypology of the Human Being
Victory, submission or what else? Sign and symbol of the Rio 2016 Kickoff
The Return of the Walan
‘Logs of JD Flora Volume 2’ – Log #60 – The Regression Thingie
Pictionary – Purple Sheet #1
Logs of JD Flora #3043: Can a TransRealist really reflect upon himself?
Defining the Matrix
Thrills&Chills Management (Part 3 – Group Thrills)
Thrills&Chills Management (Part 4 – Example: how to get into the ‘Flow State’ )
Thrills&Chills Management (Part 2 – Behind the curtain)
Thrills&Chills Management (Part 1 – Definitions of Games Design)
Brazil 2016: Collapse of the Triad of Science, Technology, and Religion
News from the Grove: Debunking a non-urban legend today
Multiviewpoint Answers to Structural Problems
Sierpinksi in the jungle
Self-assessment: Archetypal Stakeholder Analysis
Dreamer Vs Doer – the archetypal conflict within transformation
A Sunday night (solstice) shuffle
Quantum Fá 101
Modeling a number: the beauty, power, and danger of 90
Review of Game #617 and… let’s up the gaming level!
2014: What’s in a number?
Best wishes for 2014
Birthing and Croaking in Today’s Most Decadent Civilization
Quan Fa Vs Hey Shyong Fu, the official Martial Arts in Quantum Fá
‘The Flinch’ in Epigenetic Tuning
A spectre is haunting the World — the spectre of Systemic Change
The Lifecycle of Societies Vs Conspiracy Theories
The philosophical-religious background of the Satyagraha concept
Satyagraha 2.0 – the only possible solution thinkable against oppression
The man, the master, and the mountain
The Bee, the baby, and the train: a never ending puzzle
Never mind Indigos&Crystals – here come the ‘New Amazons’
The Nearly Forgotten, Strange&Eternal Tango of Will and Consciousty
Patent Application: New Method for How to Always be Happy
Anima Mundi – Her Vanity and Her Glory
The Power of Myth, its Pledge and its Symbol, corporate & incorporated
The Power Wheel (in various paradigms)
The Transtemporeality in and of the ‘Logs of JD Flora’
Discussion Groups for Self-Development
Where in your space is your future?
The Emergence of Transtemporal Consciousness
Welcome to the 14th Baktun: Western Super-Heroes Vs the Chinese Art-of-War
The Weird Credo of the Church of CEU (Constructivistic Epistemologists United)
Why is there day&nite? (or: the Failure-to-control Scale)
Geometry of the Toth Diagram and the Kalachakra Mandala
Prides, Aesthetics, & the Power of Symbols
Degeneration of polypole-Universes via viewpoint substitutions
The Emotional Scale of a Player
Differentiating levels of abstractions
Confusing a model with its instantiation(s)
Copyright 33AD? Whoever has the “keys”, hand them over to us NOW!
2012 Predictions, NOT prophecies, from the Makers of Reality
Rio+20 & the Creators’ First Executive Order: Phru Urbu
New Year. New Subtitle
Let’s get back the true Magic of Life in 2012 – Goodbye to the false Magicians,
Gandhi on non-violent action and civil disobedience
We must know! We shall know!
Who frigging owns this frigging picture of this frigging fractal?
Download of David Hilbert successfully completed!
Individual Incarnation as a Dust Devil in the Event Soup
“The price of happiness” or “The Crying Princess” – a fairy tale, 2 fair 2b true
Morphic Field Functions & Resonance Behavior
YAGUA: Yet Another Grand Universe Algorithm (not 42!!!)
Root Function in the Stock Market as Behavior of Morphogenetic Fields
The Fourth F (of cellular behavior)
The Varuna Matrix in Quantum Fa: bridging Gnostics, Vedas, Runes, and Ifa?
Epigenetic Learning or: Teaching Ho’oponopono Style
Toth-Morula Mapping
Epigenomics: Heal Thyself by Healing Your Parents!
Polar bodies, Morula & Toth Diagram
The Grand Confusion of Bondage: Desiring & Having
The semantics within the transfer of ancestor goals and a model of mortality
The Girapoli Effect
Visualization of conditions of polarizations via Lissajous figures
A Nation’s Thatanos Unleashed
Allen Wright passed away
Elitist Incest: The Bell Curve of Culture and the Club of Rome
50 years at Lightspeed (60 Anos a Mil)
Dream On! And hang on for a Prime Year!
New Discovery announced by MASA scientists:
New trailer for Countdown 2012 World Tour
Notes on the Topology of Control
Property of the Morphic Field: The Copyall Symbol
The Divine Role of Oxossi in the Endgame: the Orisha of the Hacker
The Rise of the Shamans of Digital Culture
Wherever you dance, there you are: Global Change is Here NOW
Anarchic Transitions in Social Transformation
Zeitgeist Quilombo
Passion 4 Truth trailer in support of the Countdown 2012 Workshop Worldtour
Source-Backflow Initiation Process
Dynamic Colloidal Leadership Vs Static Pyramid Models
Braselections: Surrealitistic Democrazy and the need for Zeitgeit Awareness
Serfs Anonymous – the 12-Step Program for 7 billion people
Housing & City Design based on the Toth Diagram
From “Max Sandor’s Tales to his grandson”
David Hilbert and Beelzebub’s Second Law of Nature
Double Attention
from Baudrillard to Verger: Diversification Vs Global Norms
Walter Smetak, sound alchemist, about the Primary Split
Reality Maps & Meta-Models
From The Founding Boys: Trimonopan, the brandnew super-religion
Germany, Uruquay, and Applied Quantum Theory
Sideline Philosophy:Eigentor & other strange attractors
The Utter Uselessness of Sports and the Purpose of Life
Sideline Philosophy:
A game has 90 minutes, ehh, or 120, plus overtime…
Pseudobombax ellipticum
Learning (expanded) Non-violent Communication via Skywork
First Split and the Godhead concept
What’s the line between “immersing in beauty” and exaltation?
The Triad of Triads
On Motivated Willpower and Unconditioned Volition
The CascoDuro Case and who laughs last..
Mindmap for Ifa for the 21st Century
Contra-Memes & Things to Learn from Haiti’s Turmoils
More free gifts for 2010 and the problem of having to choose..
X-Mas gifts
I will not SHOULD on myself today!
Biotech company blames God for contamination of rice crops
Anthony’s Crystal: Closing the Gap between Archetypes and Energies
Barack Hussein Allwellbama: War is Peace and Peace is War
Snowing Flowers! Another Hoax?
The Super-Spin: Are Dihydrogen Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide Poisons?
Alan C. Walter passed away
Yoga today: Trying to join what has been hopelessly confused
Hitlist of the major flaws in Human Thinking
Preview from ‘Beyond Good and Evil” by Frater Otto
Lévi-Strauss passed away… a month shy of his 101st b’day
Joachim di Fiore and Obama
Mixer, Pinker, Crazy Combos
Buying my own paper from over 18 yrs ago…
Some more from a new, old book: where was the Land of Promise really?
Book translation in progress: “Roots of the Ideology of the Global Elitists”
Re-release of my album
New album: Hotel Lagonda (Spain) made in Springfield, OH
The Solfeggio Scale on the Toth Diagram
Yet another pretty ugly topic: does Ugliness exist?
At what point does a symbiotic relationship become parasitic?
If Darwin were right, Part X: The Evolution of Human Parasites
Memebusters at Work: Expanding Earth Vs Moving Plates
The Horsekiller Herb: Solanum Viarum and some quintessential thoughts
White Rabbit strikes again: The illconceived illusion of illimited illumination
Transpersonal 2-Point Process (ME)
Types of Ego and Ego Cultures
Plastic Shamans, Quantum Bunkum & cargocultic Traditions
Rehearsing for the Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditation March 20th 2009
Castaneda’s Assemblage Point & ME’s 2-point
Collapsing the wave: paradigms of manipulating the hologram
Crazy Days – Part 2: LRH is back – No more Mult-Genius
Crazy Days
Precalculated Backlash
Obama; “No He Can’t” by Anne Wortham
2009 Message to Mr. Obama by Brian O’Leary
World Social Forum 2009: The Failure of Success
Best wishes to everyone and the latest of X-mas Spam pps
Borrowing money to a beggar
An Open Letter to Enlil and Enki (“Sermon of the Holy Rock”)
Public Declaration
Fractal Intelligence and the Archetype of a Black Swan
How to create an entire management system from scratch just with one (1!) die!
Good is the enemy of great (Jim Collins)
A Boy Named Sue and the False American Dream
Perversion and Abuse of Systemic Concepts
Systemic Intelligence: How to teach Systemic Thinking effectively
For discussion: Revised Call for Papers & logo
Call for Papers: (Online) Conference On Systemic Flaws and Solutions 2009
Systemic flaws and engineered collapse
“Silent Thunder” Rundown package re-released
A candle for Edward Elmer
Quantum Potential, Theory in General, and the Toth Diagram
Virus Lifecycles and the Morphogenetic Field
What if Darwin were right? Or, The Triad of Science, Engineering, and Arts
Discovering the difference between Soul and Spirit in Oneself
From Theory to Praxis: an example & thoughts about Mastery and Organization(s)
The sky above, the mud below: connecting the dots
Linking the Toth Diagram to Traditional Sacred Geometry
The Toth Diagram
Discrete Vs Structural Processing
Next to the coffin
Minimal tool requirements for ‘Awakening as a Being’
Holiday A Parody
Notes for a recent speech
Platonic Gunas: thymos, eros & logos
Cosmic Glue Part 4: A method for neutralizing VANITY
(Edward J. Dawson) Technical announcement about olodu
A brand new book on an old ugly topic by Carse
Cosmic Glue Part 3
The Bug in this Universe: found … but then it escaped again..
The Vanity of the Universe – now copyrited…
Fretless Perceptions
Desire Polarities, Tractor Beams, and Polarity Desires
The Difference Between a Duplicate and a Copy: Coexistence and MEST Universe
Don’t be a sucker, man – face the cougar, baby !
A Crappy New Year from the rabbit…
The purpose of the white rabbit…
Important Security Update
Hard to believe: Fridays without e-mail
The Return of the White Rabbit
Omitted, tzz: definition of Anoia & Protennoia Vs. Pronoia
“Shadows in the Dark” or “Enlightenment – virtue or crime, blessing or curse”?
Memebusting: Pronoia, Epinoia, Paranoia, Morphonoia
Manifest of Hermetic Ifá
Rabbit Tracks
Preparing for the showdown: November 7th
Avoiding Reinventing the Wheel(s) of Tetralectics
The Map of Outcomes: Where are YOU in the rat-race?
Applied Confront Scale: The Grand Delusion of ‘Positive Thinking’
Scale of confront, including mechanics of polarization
The Sudden Death of Ken Ogger
Modern Lullabys…
The Newest Saint: A Wonder-Pill Brother & Call for Legalization of Placebos
Out from the deep
Geometry that is linking dimensions
Vesakh 2007: the Buddha left (2556 yrs ago), Anthony arrived with a big smile
A Meme-Pioneer: Antonio Gramsci, 70 years after his death
Helo Uncut (Part 1 of ?)
Insane Meme Hunting: The Cutting of the Umbilical Cord
Regurgitated: Being consistent
The All New Archetype (Orisha) Crossword Puzzle
Extreme Strategies for Survival – the killer moth (caterpillar)
Cosmic Soup: Resonance patterns and group behaviour patterns
Magic Power Soup – Homecooking Recipe
Trashing the Octave System !
Freedom is a Two-edged Sword
New Year in the Forest, champagne & lentil soup
Rottie Confronto
Dogma or Catma ?
New Cool Video at “Darwin at Home”
What could be the new Revolution after Saturn square Jupiter?
The ProtoMeme of the Universe – The Cosmic Byte
A great Babalawo departed…
Some Notes on Memes
Responsibility and Love
Spiritual Drugs
Something that works well: The Process of Ho’oponopono
Trap Addendum: The Fasting&Praying Trap
‘Archetype’: Word and concept
Milan Crosswalk, Part II
The polarization of the the super-goals
Never repeated too often: Vigilance is the price of freedom!
Tensegrity of Star-Tetrahedrons and Internal Structure of Odu (proto energy)
Das SimpelDeutsch Experiment
Higher Will, Iwa, and Tanha – A Comparison
Too many books . 120 years ago
Meme’s Meme Or The General Theory of the Purpose of Games Or…
Wikipedia Today: Transhumanism
Or-i or O-ri: who sees!?
Thinking about Stars and Gods in Napule (Naples)
Spinning Quad Wheels on Obara, but, yikes, a parking ticket: Why me?
Geometry of Prime Polarities (Odu)
Spiritual Arrogance, Cargo Cults, and the Bug of this Universe
Sunday Meditation: Emerald Table
IFA 21 Forum reactivated
Conditions of Existence, Elliot Waves, Fibonacci, and Odu Transitions
Adjacent Energy Emanations and Stray Polarities
2 new Italian book releases: Your Personal Archetype & JD Flora III
yet another Italian book release..
new translation of a the tapussa speech (part 2)
Italian Version of Polar Dynamics Available
Perfektions-Angst (TM)
Feedback for a New Copyright and Disclaimer Text
The Law of the Boredom of Perfection
The Flyin Swans crashed in the Adria, South of Rimini…
Yet Another Flyin Swan Performance….
MaxLive in Italy: just a little North of Milan’s Scala
10 Years New Civilization Network.. still going strong..
Hmm… even more hard work…
JD Flora as book: Volume 1 – Daughter of Time – NOW AVAILABLE
The face of the Polar Dynamics book cover is haunting me…
Temperature dropping to 20 degree Celsius at night here at Mailasqui – Sao Roque
Hard Work
Merry New Year and such…
A Grimm Objective Process: Smash that frog at that wall! … thank you!
The Adhoc Creation of New Archetypes
Godfather Death ..
The Choice to Make Choices
Reality IS Real
‘The Unfolding’ (The 53. Attempt of a Translation)
Comments to the previous article by Ed
The Flipsides of the Bread of Shame
Ed on ‘triangles’ – a must read!
What’s in between the poles??
Direct Polarity Access (DPA)
Nested Polarities and the Sierpinsky Tetra
The Girapoli Peakstates
Picasso ‘ 52 years ago..
Dead Weblogs and Traveling
At the gate to Merlin’s castle…
Where Merlin rests or works…
The City of Nephelokokkygia
New Moon Alert (belated): Medusa’s head chopped off April 19th
Wading through the Mists of Avalon
Famous Groves: Glastonbury Groves
Famous Groves in History: Gethsemane
The Dire Truth About the Naming of this BLOG
Monthly Update (?)
Yes, Max is back… for a while, at Lourdes…
Medusa’s head chopped off…
The new face of Medusa revealed…
Celebrating my 18688th Birthday today..
About the Buckminster Fuller Conference Last Sunday in LA
Next NextAid event:
How to Recover from Dead Ends
From the other Rio de Janeiro: Meeting Adao Daxalebarada
Bom Dia from Ipiranga
Arnold for President! We want a Presidator ! Jawoll Ja!
Free, expensive images and beautiful music: Oceania
Q4A Contest: He said that they said that I said that you said that he said…
Dali’s Dante-Medusa
Medusa Revisited (nothing to do with medical services nor the Land of the Free)
Brain Break: Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy
World-News: Candle-Trick worked, Salvation is Near, New Age Church is Born!
A Candle 4 Joachim de Floris !?
Evolving: RadioBLOG, SketchBLOG, CoopBLOGs
Quote of the Day: Fear is the mind-killer
Thank you for the many nice wishes and the great b’day party…
B’day party September 13th with Global Action
Happy 86th, Dr. Dave !!!
Sideshow: Juan Pueblo and the Sherman Way Shamans
Quote of the Day: Krishnamurti about Belief Systems
News from the Grove: Some Bloom instead of Doom and Gloom
Q4A: Contest (4 real) What’s the question to this answer??
Stories of the 401 Knights: Alara and The Secret of All Emperors
What’s happening at the Grove: Latest (International) Net-TV
The Governator is coming soon to a parliament near you!
Addendum to Cause and Effect: Understanding the Concept of Dependent Co-Arising
Meme Trashing Party: Cause and Effect – Part V
Sounds from the Grove: Z Sandorian Scale
Life from Grave and Grove: Well, well, well
Live from the Sandorian Grove: Moments of relaxational meditation…
Q4A: Question AND Answer together..
Feldenkrais plus SkyWork in Topanga Canyon Sat. Aug 2nd..
Morphogenetics and Terrorist Futures Markets
Q4A: I got the answer – who knows the question?
More From the Grove: two new didges grew over night..
Live From the Grove: Someone loves to take all the heat he can get..
Q4A1a – Questions for Answers – Part1a (Politically corrected)
Q4A1 – Questions for Answers – Part1
From the Grove: David Hummingbird Vs Golly Hawk
Memetic Baby Shower: Reframing ‘Cause and Effect’
Good Bye, Bon Jour Ming !!
Meme Trashing Party: Cause and Effect Part III
Lisa Lynne soares to #9 on the Billboard New Age Charts!
Feldenkrais in the Valley & Topanga
Book Review – “Dare To Inquire” by Bruce Kodish
Meme-Trashing Party: Cause and Effect…Part II
What is Inside and What is Outside?
Independence, freedom … to do what??
Proverb of the day: Never write more than what you read
What’s in a name? the origin of the word ‘Didgeridoo’ (incl.sound)
From my garden: Agave Sandoriana !?
Quote from Lieh-Tzu (~400 B.C.)
The Art of Asking
Meme-Trashing Party: Today: Cause and Effect…
Vernonia: Weed, Medicine, or Future Crop ?
What’s wrong with this picture?
You made your bed – now sleep in it!
Eredo: Queen Sheeba’s Pyramid in Nigeria – larger than Gizeh?
Acara-Je: The Ultimate Food for Gods and Men (see Video!!)
The SnowQueen Meme, Contemp TV, and its Undoing – Part 1
Born in Brazil – Ashe
6/21: SkyCircle Evening with Acara-Je Cooking !!
Healing the World Through Healing Yourself…