What is ET&R?

Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming is a gentle process of locating areas of discomfort, tracing it internatlly to the earliest experience, and dissolving it through a method of energetic resonance.

In a similar fashion, any pleasant emotional state can be amplified and projected into the future.

No contents of past events need to be viewed or communicated. Therefore the client tenjoys total privacy and confidentiality. Further, no belief system is needed to use the ET&R method.

Key to a successful process is the way ‘past’ and ‘future’ are being perceived with the ‘inner eyes’ and how the images and emotions of the past are being accessed. This ‘setup’ is difficult to duplicate by reading about it. It demands the skill of a trained coach to have a client successfully enter this new approach of seeing ‘time’ and the series of events contained in memory.

As a side effect, the client is learning how to access ANY and ALL moments of his or her life with MORE perceptions than were seemingly present at the time of the event. By learning how to look ‘AGAINST THE STREAM OF TIME’, the client is then able to view all events of his life WITHOUT being affected by its emotional contents.

In short:

  • ET&R is a painless, mental-emotional method to view and change memories and its emotional associations, including sub- and super-conscious areas
  • ET&R does not access memory contents, ensuring total privacy for the client
  • ET&R is independent of belief systems
  • ET&R does not use any kind of hypnosis or trance states
  • the program consists of 3-4 sessions, about one hour long, using audio only (no video!) over a time span of about 10 days
  • in the program, the client learns how to do the process for him- or herself
  • the program gives access to an independent support group (a closed group on Facebook), in which the client can see how others have been doing and share his or her experiences and questions