About ET&R

The human Being has been formed and is constantly influenced by factors from the enviroment. They activate, deactivate, or even supersede the genetic makeup of the human Being. The study of the impact of these influences is called Epigenetics.

With the processes of Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming method we can amplify positive epigenetic factors and squelch negative ones. This happens through the conscious and active feedback of the mind with the emotions and sensations of the person. These are non-invasive, non-physical, and non-judgemental procedures with immediate, visible, and lasting results.

On a larger scale, our life is the outcome of our individual choices within a collective ambience. This sounds perfect. However, genetic and epigenetic parameters are taking away from the perception of all available choices we have. They are limiting the range of possible actions to a small and restricted number of options. Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming is changing this perspective radically.

After the initial process, the client can CONTINUE on their own whenever they feel a need for it or they can come back to the Coach with a specific wish list of problems to handle or abilities to fortify.

For contact with a Coach speaking your native language, e-mail info@power-relations.com !