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Scientists Have Observed Epigenetic Memories Being Passed Down for 14 Generations


The past lives on.

21 APR 2017

The most important set of genetic instructions we all get comes from our DNA, passed down through generations. But the environment we live in can make genetic changes, too.

Researchers have now discovered that these kinds of environmental genetic changes can be passed down for a whopping 14 generations in an animal – the largest span ever observed in a creature, in this case being a dynasty of C. elegans nematodes (roundworms).

Full text here.

Subjective and Objective Progress in Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming

Evaluating over 100 personal experiences and success stories over the past two years of applying Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming to a wider audience, it seems timely to issue a resumé.

There are two phases of progress: one consists of the instant shifts through the liberation of negative emotions and attitudes and the resurgence of positive feelings of joy, stability, and a sense of new power which happens during the initial pass-through.

At times, the old personality wants to leave as a whole, and this can create a temporary emotional problem as long as the person is still holding onto this old personality until it finally releases it to float away.

If the person continues on its own after the initial pass-through, it will enter into a second phase in which deeper and much more hidden influences are becoming revealed and released. This second phase culminates in the individual experience of having satisfied the hopes and expectations of ALL ancestors together and the person enters into a new state of livingness, truly beyond the ‘homo sapiens’ that we know of.

While much of the progress during Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming is visible and direcly experienceable by the person, some deeper aspects elude the person itself and only other people will notice the person’s profound changes in life, Objectively the person made quantum leaps but the person itself is, subjectively, not aware of these changes.

We know this phenomenon already from various other techniques we developed and used in the past. We best illustrate it with the example from the ‘Numbers in the box’ procedure in which a person literally locates and exits the ‘boxes’ in which it has been hiding out for very long times. Here, the situation is more obvious: a person was confining itself of living within a mental or emotional box for so long that it forgot it was living in that box. The box had become so ‘normal’ that the person would flatly deny it was in a box at all. It would rigorously defend itself its staying in the box and think of all others outside this box as being silly or even crazy. All of a sudden, such a box disappears, whether through the Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming, the ‘Numbers in the box’ technique, or other procedures of ours.

What now? From observation we can tell that the person often does not realize that it had stepped out of a hideous box that was keeping it in a powerless state. From one moment to the next, the new state of freedom is ‘normal’ just as the old state of limitation has been just simply been ‘the way things are’.

In resumé, the objective condition of the person changed significantly without it being aware of this change. In some cases, the newly won liberty may even create a certain disorientation. The Universe is not good nor is it bad. It is there to be experienced. It seemingly acts like the waves of the sea, they constantly challenge the land to its limits. If a person grew stronger, the challenges will be likewise. They will go to the limits but not break them. Being ready to accept new challenges in life, is therefore an inevitable preparation when we embark in true progress for ourselves.

True progress in life, as realized with Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming, will also necessitate an upgrade in the person’s environment. Other people around, be it family or the working place, will notice the surge in the person’s individual power and integrity, and they will have to adapt to it, if they like it or not. Fortunately such comflicts, if they occur at all, will be of short duration.

True personal progress, such as achieved with Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming, pervades environment and society at large and extends into future in an unprecedentend way. Its ‘ripple effect’ is multi-dimensional. Imagine carrying forward only the positive aspects of your ancestors and leaving their negativity and problems behind: what else can the future be than a better place for all?

Resonance explained in a simple way..

In ET&R, we do not use physical sound but our perception of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ emotions or concepts as harmonic or disharmonic vibrations,, especially our use of Constructive and Destructive Resonance. The laws for this are structural identically to what is presented in the following video. Of course, ET&R is *very* easy to learn and does not need any specific knowledge of these laws. For the curious…

First evidence of how parents’ lives could change children’s DNA

read the full article from the New Scientist here!

For the first time, scientists have discovered a mechanism in humans that could explain how your lifestyle choices may impact your children and grandchildren’s genes.

Mounting evidence suggests that environmental factors such as smoking, diet and stress, can leave their mark on the genes of your children and grandchildren. For example, girls born to Dutch women who were pregnant during a long famine at the end of the second world war had twice the usual risk of developing schizophrenia. Likewise, male mice that experience early life stress give rise to two generations of offspring that have increased depression and anxiety, despite being raised in a caring environment.

This has puzzled many geneticists, as genetic information contained in sperm and eggs is not supposed to be affected by the environment, a principle called the August Weismann barrier.

But we also know the activity of our own genes can be changed by our environment, through epigenetic mechanisms .

read the full article from the New Scientist here!

Feedback (Italian)

S. (Milano), 19.2.2016:

Nella linea del tempo tra cielo e profondità, bilioni, anzi trilioni di parole in tutte le lingue aleggiano di qua e di la senza una meta. La paura di usarle a sproposito impedisce la libertà di esprimersi, le connessioni sono distorte. La risonanza però le fa esplodere in un lampo e una polvere magica scende fino al momento in cui fasci di luce si riprendono tutte quelle parole che si connettono fra loro e con me, con le persone a me care, con gli esseri umani, con tutti gli esseri viventi. Non c’è più paura ma libertà.