Raising The Frequency of Love

64.(Advanced) Raising The Frequency of Love

“Love has a bad name” these days.

At least, in earlier times of civilization, raw, unfettered love had a name. Agape in Greek, Minne in Old-High German, Metta in Pali.

Nowadays, words like kind-heartedness, benevolence, grace, affection, affinity, etc, are being used – with each of these words having a different undertone and implications of meanings.

While many scoff at the notion of ‘love’ as an outdated concept and prefer the abstract mechanics of sophisticated process technologies
like GPM-handling, implant removal, and the like, they are missing a key ingredient in liberation:

without command over the frequencies of love, any rise in power is likely to kick back in time in one way or in another.

In the other extreme, lots of ‘New Agers’ get lost in romantic indulgence into their fuzzy perception of ‘love’, and are thus failing to get in control over their own feelings.

Adding to this confusion in both extremes, the difference between the ‘spirit’ of the Being and its physical incarnation (the human body), is
frequently avoided.

Before surveying the many shades of love (which represent a scale in its own right), the following differentiation is therefore emphasized here:

There is a vibration of  ‘love’ for:

  A. Physical Body
  B. Spiritual Aspect of the Being
  C. Physical Body + Spiritual Aspect

The most fundamental exercise of Gotamo Siddharto (the ‘Buddha’), for example, yields astonishing result only for B (the ‘spirit’) and is not only wasted time otherwise – it could even _increase_ ‘attachment’ instead of resolving it.

From a practical viewpoint all three possibilities should be mastered and practiced as needed even though the real powerblast happens when the Spiritual Aspect of The Being raises the frequency of ‘love’ by itself.

The tremendous power of this vibration is often underestimated. With this power raised, a man literally becomes invincible even in the physical
realm – it becomes impossible to hurt him in any way.

In the realm of the mind, ‘love’ – properly and smoothly raised on a gradient – dissolves the worst foes of man – the very forces that hold down even the greatest thinker in history.

In Ancient India these foes were dubbed the ‘chains of the higher bondage’. They hold down a Being in this (lower) Universe and they were seen to have its roots in agreements in the ‘higher Universe’. (Note: the Gods (‘devas’) are within _this_ Universe, the higher Universe has been quite empty since many Universe cycles or maha-kalpas).

It is exceedingly difficult to write about the ‘chains of the higher bondage’ and the author of this ‘Little Purple Notebook…’ already made three (failed) attempts in doing so.

Fortunately (and _very_ fortunately so!!), Alan C. Walter shared his successful attempt in tackling the problem on the Web and his write-up is _highly_ recommended for readers of the ‘Little Purple Notebook’:

It cannot be emphasized enough how careful the ‘chains of the higher bondage’ ought to be approached: one misstep and life can be literally shattered to pieces.

Thus, a subtle approach is vital and the exercises below should be done on a very fine scale and in very slow motion.

Before looking at the ‘scale of love’, a short note on Hubbard’s concept of ‘affinity’:

His affinity-concept is often interpreted as ‘love’ and bound into the triad affinity-reality-communication.

Besides the circumstance that his modern-times followers show a glaring lack of ‘love’ in their daily lives, a higher vibration of love such as ‘responsibility’ is bound into its own triad respectively (the KRC
triangle) and a scale for love itself is not recognizable. ‘Affinity’, as defined by Hubbard, appears to the author therefore as a willingness to
pervade a given space, one of the lowest forms of the ‘love’ vibration and a lower harmonic of the ‘equanimity’ vibration, void of detectable emotions.

While Gotamo restricted his teachings to four steps of the scale of love (friendship, caring, joy for others, equanimity), the following will detail the scale a bit further. This seems necessary since modern followers of Gotamo mostly lost the concept of the scale involved and thus never arrive at the higher vibrations in a systematic way (most adepts start with friendship in either the A. or the C. class above and then _drop_ to ‘compassion’ (suffering with others) rather than rise to ‘caring’ (the word ‘care’ can be traced to the same root that is the word ‘ka.runa’ is based on).

In a nutshell, the love vibration once evoked should be raised gradually for physical objects (bodies), the spirit, and both. Of course, one
could engage only in the latter. However, it would be like someone to learn singing a song while playing a guitar at the same time all at once, rather than learning to play the guitar by itself and practicing singing as such before trying to do both synchronously.

Here is a template which could be used as a guide for evoking the vibrations of ‘love’:

(Since words never accurately describing any phenomena, the reader should replace these words with his/her own concepts or verbalizations).


– Affinity (as the willingness to be _there_)
– Spanda   (the vibration just before doing something)

Raising the ‘love’ frequency _continuously_ & _smoothly_,
landmarked by the states of:

– friendship
– loving interest
– caring
– responsibility
– joy for the happiness of others

– ‘permeation’ (without active or reactive
    emotional involvement)

The last vibration is so ‘high’ that it is usually not classified as an emotion as such.

‘Responsibility’, one of the most abused words in the human realm, does not mean ‘obligation’ in this context – it is here a frequency of ‘love’.

It is remarkable, that ‘responsibility’ is often used in lieu of ‘blame’. For example, ‘assigning responsibility’ is usually the act of assigning ‘blame’ and it is rarely meant as an invitation to really rise on the scale.

‘Blame’ can be seen as a the effect of a ‘betrayal of responsibility’ and ‘Shame’ can be seen as a ‘betrayal of caring or friendship’.

These two are the main holders of the ‘higher bondage’ (or ‘Furies’ as Alan C. Walter calls them in the articles mentioned above).

Any raise in the intensity of ‘responsibility’ will prompt the kicking in of higher bondage beams that will force the person down again in order to prevent it from doing ‘damage’ by abusing its powers.

Similarly, any raise in the intensity of vibrations in the vicinity of ‘friendship’ and ‘caring’, will evoke the ‘Shame’ holders that the Being set up in agreement with others before descending to this Universe.

Even if the person holds itself down ‘successfully’ during the span of a lifetime (without too much ‘bad stuff’ kicking in) during the time in-between-lives these bondages will be reactivated. The recognition
of this phenomena led to the concept of ‘Judgement’.

But it should always be kept in mind that the person itself is a vital part of the very agreement that holds itself down, even if there is ‘help’ from Beings with similar considerations.

Now, a vibration can only happen with the readiness of whatever is in the space that becomes ‘vibrated’.

In other words, the prerequisite to being able to ‘love’ someone (on whichever position on the scale outlined above), is the ability to grant the ability to ‘love’ to the (populated) space that is permeated.

It is therefore extremely helpful to explicitly grant this ability to one’s environment and to refresh it every once a while.

For example, looking around in one’s environment and:

– recognizing & amplifying the responsibility of the walls
   of the room, the responsibility of the chair one is
   sitting on, any Beings in the space, etc.

This basic action (which also works as a so-called ‘havingness process), is extremely empowering and should be done before and, if possible during, any exercises of raising & intensifying vibrations on the ‘love’ scale.

Once it is possible to raise these frequencies, their intensity can be increased _very_ slowly.

During this process, ‘higher bondage items’ (furies) may show up. They can be run out by holding the frequencies long enough and at a constant intensity (just before the trap becomes activated), or they can be (carefully!!!) approached by color processing the beams itself or by following Alan C. Walter’s suggestions.

In any case,

– the agreement of all holders,
– the action that prompted the self-imprisonment or
– and the subsequent restriction of the Being’s space
   (‘hide-outs’, ‘boxes’, ‘capsules’, and the like)

  ** must be viewed  thoroughly ** .

Again, actions like this should never be rushed under any circumstances and it should never be attempted to raise the intensity of a vibration beyond the acceptance level existing at the time. The effects could
literally be fatal and have been so in countless cases throughout history of man (one may even be tempted to say _all_ cases since the ‘Higher Universe’ is still very, very, very, very empty!).

At a certain point during this processing, it may become apparent that one may hold another Being’s spatial restrictions based on an earlier mutual agreement.

The resolution of those bondages (for others) seems to be less dangerous since they do not become activated very much in the process. Nevertheless, this action should be done with extreme caution as well.

Again, enough time should be allocated in between major resolutions and it is, as always, a very good idea to retrospect past activations of this most vicious of all traps and to clean up its often dramatic side-effects.

It is unperceivable that even once in a Blue Moon (such as the night when this article was written), someone could fully permeate (and thus transcend!) this Universe without having resolved the ‘higher bondages’.

It is through them that we are here in the first place and it is because of these bondages that this Universe is a prison rather than a playground.

Copyleft © 1998 by Maximilian J. Sandor

Addendum 2020 (for all students of Ifá)

22 years have passed since above was written. What was said was, is, and will be true. Nothing there to change a word.

However, at the time of the writing I was just beginning to learn the mysteries of Ifá. Since then I came to know that the paradigm of love and bondage is reflected by the basic polarity of the Olodus (primal polarity poles) of the Ifá system called Otura and Irete. Students of Ifá, please take note 🙂 !

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