Electralex Deluxe

“Electralex Deluxe”   (duration 1:21)
Theme of “Geigenspiel – The Movie (2022)”
performed by Shango Overdrive All Stars
Copyrights: Sandor/Crace/Antunes
Lyrics: excerpt from “The Geigenspiel – a novel in 15 exhibits”

Primal Scream: August 8th, 1959
First release: August 8th, 2019,  by Shango Overdrive All Stars
2nd release (remastered):  August 8th, 2049 by Alex Pedreira Jr
on Tsumedzume Records (十二月二十九日), Ōbokeyōkai Village

Credits in the order of appearance:
Electrolux  LT12F SN-41014672 – washing machine, São Rocke
Trent Crace – percussion, Denver. Colorado
Ed Dawson – washboard,  Los Angeles, California
Um Gringo Barulente – voice of the machine
Max Sandor –  rabeca & cowbells, São Rocke
Leandro Costa – cockatoo, Brisbane, Australia
Oscar Marzorati – didgeridoo, Sobral, Ceará
Concept: Max – Mixed&Mastered by: Trent

All rights reserved © 1959, 2019, 2049

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