Workshops, Seminars, Online-Conferences

title4Workshops are full-immersion events which require involvement of the participants. They are Max Sandor’s favorite way of sharing¬†his knowledge, brainstorming, expanding one’s imagination, and of exploring solution-strategies. There has been a wide variety of workshops by Max Sandor in the past: from learning to recognize the human archetypes known as Orisha to stepping out of the flow of time, they have been,¬†without exceptions, memorable events for all participants and have imparted lasting and applicable knowledge.

Sometimes, a more traditional seminar is called for. Like (online) conferences, they are often the only way to gather all interested parties within a reasonable budget and timeframe. One of the more frequently held events of this type are the “Ifa-21 Online Seminars”.

Events can be presented by Max in English, German, Italian, or Portuguese. Certain types of workshops may be also be presented in French or Spanish as long as a translator is present in case of any uncertainties. All other languages require a translator trained or certified by Max Sandor himself.

All events with public access are being published in social media. To be notified, please follow Max on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.