Max Sandor, after a foray into architecture and Arts,  went on to study electrical engineering and mathematics, today’s Computer Science, at the Technical University at Darmstadt. During that time, he studied Pali under the auspices of the Altbuddhistische Gemeinde, founded by Georg Grimm, providing many new translations of the earliest scriptures of the Buddhist religion. In 1984, he moved to Los Angeles, California, working as a computer programmer for the Church of Scientology for two years. In 1986 he joined the Computer Technology Lab of Mitutoyo Corp. in the City of Industry, California, as a contractor for Research&Development in Robotics.  From 1990 on, he worked as a contractor to the University of California at Los Angeles UCLA. At the end of 2004, he moved to São Roque, Brazil. Max Sandor has been initiated in various cults and sects in India, Indonesia, Africa, and the Americas, learning their languages, customs, and ways of life. Today, Max Sandor is teaching a system of cognitive science based on the African tradition of Ifá, Bohm‘s interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, and Digital Physics. Drawing on ancient rituals and ‘spiritual technologies’, he developed a number of ‘transformational processes’ or dialogues to gain new perspectives and insights about life directly and immediately.

Max Sandor is providing help and assistance for individuals and organizations throughout the world. His dedication, practical advice and guidance is admired by all who ever met him. Some of his ‘spiritual and emotional technologies’ have been ‘packaged’ and are delivered by him and a growing number of practitioners throughout the world. They are pointed to on this website, please read on!
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