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books“The word is not the thing.” Korzybski’s mantra echoes through the written works of Max Sandor. He aims to point to reality instead of trying to explain it. His writing style avoids attempting to convince the reader of one view or another. instead he pictures models of thoughts, framework of emotions,geometries of relationships, and encourages to imagine and find new models for your world. Evaluation is left to the reader. You will not find moralism or a pointing finger in his works. That said, truth must prevail – Max Sandor does not hesitate to blast hipocrisy and blatant lies if appropriate, even though humor and irony are his favorite weapons.

Max Sandor has written more than 500 articles in English, German, Italian, and Portuguese and has published more than 1,500 pages in book form. He released two Audio CDs and several CD-ROMs. His paintings  and serigraphics prints are scattered around the world and have not been catalogued. A few sculptures are on display at his home in Brazil.

There is an author’s page on where you can find and purchase the following books by Max Sandor:

  • Polar Dynamics 1 (with Edward J.Dawson)
    This is a ‘classic’ work which describes a modern approach to polarities based on ancient philosophies. The entire first third of the book deals with the most common ‘traps’ we encounter in our quest for genuine knowledge.  An advanced section in the end presents astonishing outlooks of what the reader may find on his quest once s/he accepted the challenges of working with polarities.
  • Between Heavens and Earth (eBook)
    A collection of texts weaved together by an esoteric fairy tale.
  • O seu arquetipo pessoal  (with Edward J.Dawson, Aaron Miranda, and Heloisa Helena Rosas de Almeida, Portuguese edition, eBook)
    A collection of descriptions of Ifá archetypes how they appear in our modern culture in the lives of all of us. A profound introduction defines the implication of the archetypical composition of life at large and an outlook on how to benefit from this knowledge.
  • Letters from Rome (eBook)
    This is a critical summary of today’s civilization as seen with the eyes of an esoteric insider. It is a shocking view and does not gloss over anything. It is a shocking reading because the state of mankind is deplorable and not because the author would be a pessimist (which he isn’t).

The printed edition of Polar Dynamics is not available in some regions.

The books published with Scortecci are out of print. Some autographed copies are available for:

The following books in Italian language are out of print. Some new and some used copies are available upon request:

  • Polar Dynamics 1 (Italian edition)
  • Oltre le nubi (with Oscar Marzorati and Heloisa Helena Rosas de Almeida)
  • JD Flora 3 (Italian translation)

The PhiloFi/Transrealistic collection of early BLOGs/e-zine sequels ‘Logs of JD Flora’ published under the name Joachim Steingrübner at as a trilogy will have a separate section soon. The Italian version of the third volume “Ombre perdute” is out of print.  Collector’s exemplars available upon request.


The collection:

  • The Purple Notebook on How to Escape from the Universe

has been given to the public domain and is not being maintained by the author since 2002. There are several online versions available, the most complete appears to be at the site of the Langkawi Center. Russian translations of some article from the Purple Notebook and a few chapters of Polar Dynamics 1 are here. The most complete set of the Purple Notebook in Russian languade as of today that we know of is here.


As a columnist, Max was writing for Brazil 24-7 during fall 2014 (in portuguese). These articles will need a new repository.

Also in portuguese are two articles based on interviews with Max:


Max Sandor is a multi-instrumentalist and prefers improvisation over repetitions of existing works (which is the ‘standard’ way music is being played today).


The Audio-CD Shango Overdrive is a collection of songs and soundtracks made between 1999 and 2003, initially with the purpose of reflecting archetypal sound patterns and music as demonstrations in workshops. Some of the tracks are traditional songs, the others are of ‘Ambient House’ style with vocals by Max’ wife and partner Heloisa Helena Rosas de Almeida, Ayo Adeyemi, and Max himself. Some samples are recordings of Aaron Miranda on rare and ancient instruments. All titles are available as Audio-CD in the US and as MP3 in all regions.

Track 2: “Iba Egungun”



The Audio-CD Riflessioni is a collection of spoken texts from the works of Max Sandor in Italian, English, and German, recited by various speakers besides Max himself. The background soundtracks for this CD were made by Max and other artists. This CD is not for sale currently. MP3s upon request.

Track 5: (Full) Parallel (experimental) German/English recital of Somber Lights (spoken by Kathie Lynch and Ingrid von der Bergen)


Here is an entertaining elogy of Max and Heloisa made by a ‘repetista’ duo and filmed by Max: Repentistas de Salvador para Max e Heloisa, 2002.

A documentary of Jair de Ogum‘s ‘terreiro’ was made and edited by Max in 2002.

A video by Olodan based on the poem by Max Sandor is available in English, Italian, and Portuguese versions on

Also on youtube as well as on are versions in several languages of the ‘2012 Countdown Worldtour’ trailer made by Trent Crace based on a text by Max Sandor and Heloisa Helena Rosas de Almeida.

A video trailer about teamshape was made by Max Sandor around 2003.

A talk and discussion (in portuguese language) about the triangle of ‘Science, Technology, and Religion’ at the Café Filosófico in Campinas, Brazil, has been posted in various places and on youtube of course.

The following CD-ROM works are out of print:

  • Impressions at Angkor Wat (Cambodia) – some photos are here (at the bottom of the page, without texts).
  • On the trails of JD Flora (including a number of unpublished episodes)
  • Bhagavad Gita, 18 mp3 files, complete text in Sanskrit and English
  • Impressions at Borobodur (Java, Indonesia)
  • The Purple Notebook on How to Escape from the Universe (CD-ROM with soundtrack, images, and extra materials)

Current Projects

Shango Overdrive II

.. in preparation. Here is a one minute soundbite:

Body Lounge – 130bpm


Jammin’ at night (with Oscar Marzorati on the bass, photo: Mariana Damásio, Dec. 2015)

Liederliche Gedichte

Live Poetry in the German language recited by Max with various instruments like rabeca (violin), cello, guitar, and organ (synth), from Goethe to Brecht, Tucholsky, Ringelnatz, and Max Sandor himself.

Sound bite from:
Goethe – Gesang der Geister über den Wassern (Max Sandor, Stimme und Cello)


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