Computer technology

First real-time PARCOR speech-synthesis for generic platforms, 1976
Accelerated the spread of computer speech applications

MetaParser for Compiler-Compiler, 1979
Created a core element for self-programming computer platforms

CMM -> AutoCAD, 1986
Created the first generic interface for low-cost CAD platforms to robotic devices

Revolutionary Computer design concept: ConCur, 1977-1989
A design platform concept that creates programs that can’t crash and can be traced in all actions, applicable for both software and hardware

Remote Agent Concept, 1994
An Internet transaction model for redundant, encrypted, unerasable non-local connected ‘memes’; envisioned for the original New Civilization Network on the basis of ConCur.
Patented in the US, Canada, and Europe for its application for independent Internet search (search-bots)

First complete simulation for all available trading strategies. 1996
(for all data since inception of the stock and future&options markets, results remain unpublished intentionally until today)

Social Media

One of the creators of the BLOG concept
Daily Log, 1994

Co-founder of the first network dedicated to social networks (incl. global ideas bank), 1995
New Civilization Network founded by Flemming Funch


History of philosophy

Early Buddhism and today’s faulty concept of suffering
Published in Yaana, Journal of the ABG Utting a. Ammersee, 1977

Found the true meaning of the concept of dukkha
dukkha is usually  mistranslated as ‘suffering’ (see above);
a solution to the problem was provided in 1999

Lifted the veil on Hegel’s concept of “Aufhebung”, 1977
and provided a the solution (the same as for ‘dukkha above), 1999

Human Mind

Gunas, 1998
Distilled the most efficient technique to undo dukkha (see above), 1999

Girapoli, 2002
Found how to produce peak states beyond ‘pleroma’

First language to combine human natural language with computer languages
NeuLinge, from 1976 onward

Epigenetic Tuning & Reprogramming, 2013
Revolutionary trauma healing without the necessity of narratives

thrills&chills management, 2015
the most important ingredient for motivation which could revolutionize many areas of psychology

The Flow State, 2016
Found out how and demonstrated how a person can deliberately enter the Flow State through a concise sequence of energies

Vortex Exhaling, 2017
A new way of energetic breathing (to be published later this year)

The concept of the MinMaxHuman, 2017
An answer to the Singularity concept (to be published later this year)