Business and Organizations


“Wherever humans congregate, whether in families, businesses, communities, or entire countries, the social structures are strikingly similar and follow the same rules, the rules of a self-organizing system that we need to channel and guide into the shape we want it to perform for the best of all involved.” (Max Sandor)



One of the most important aspects in shaping an organization of any kind is the condition of its network of channels of information and resources. In addition to the tools and proceeding used in Individal Consultation, we use the “TeamShape”-modality for more adequate modeling.

“teamShape” is an adaptation of Max Sandor’s SkyWork paradigm for business and organizations, similar to Otto Scharmer’s “Presencing” and Hellinger’s “Aufstellung für Organisationen”. In contrast to those, however, teamShape encorporates “archetypal functionality and responsibilities”. Archetypes as used by Sandor are not Jungian or functional archetypes (like “mother” or “worker”) but archeypes of Nature based on the ancient tradition of Ifá. For those, over 3,000 ‘scripts’ are known which means that we have a large depository of probable outcomes at our disposal from which we can draw and that allows us to gently guide the flow of events in a direction we want.

According to Sandor, we must absolutely insist on allowing the system to self-organize itself and rigidly refrain from imposing solutions onto it (like is it often done in such modeling). Only then, the change will become reality and permanent.

Once the model is known and accepted as functional, we can also use classical methods of predictions of its behavior, such as numeric modeling with computer simulations, an area in which Max Sandor has worked for many years in computer research and development.

For asserted solutions, Sandor offers assistance and support during the implementation phase, such as workshops, seminars, and individual consultations for training, acceptance and commitment.

From a humanist viewpoint, we need to ultimately assess the viability of the individual solution for a business or organization within the context of surrounding super-systems as well as of enclosed sub-systems. Process and solution-finding will not change because of the self-similarity (fractal) nature of self-organizing systems. Only the scale (“zoom-factor”) is different.

Specifically, the following services are available:

through interactive group work using Sandor’s Skywork (“teamShape”) constellations: 
      – team spirit creation and maintenance
      – change management
      – departmental alignments and improving communication channels
      – particle/energy flows within and around the organisational structure
      – early detection of changes in market trends and anticipation of new paradigms,
      – election results forecasts with an astounding success rate
through strategical tools for the owner using Ifá energy assessment methods: 
       – Business Analysis and Prognosis: creating an energy flow model of the current and emerging conditions of stake holders, staff, clients, and market movements. resulting in precise recommendations to cope with any detected deficiencies or challenges