• Active for decades in promoting a deeper understanding of oneself within the context of nature and society.  (Photo by Maira de Almeida, São Roque, 2016)
    Moving and shaping teams of all sizes throughout the world. (Photo taken at Project Nagual, Ubatuba, Brazil, 2009)

    Except for a few satirical pieces, Sandor's writing and teaching style aims to minimize complexity in order to bring about intuitive understanding. He is writing in English, German, Portuguese, and Italian under the name Maximilian J. Sandor, his birthname Joachim  H, Steingrübner, and under various pen names. A central part of his past work has been translated to Russian. A still minor part is available in Spanish, Slovenian, and a few other languages.

    Without motion, there is no life. Music is sound in motion, bodies in motion are dancing through space. We perceive the inner relations of movements as degrees of harmony and its impulsiveness as shades of power.  (Photo taken at Santuário das Artes Heinz Budweg, São Roque, 2015)
    More and more people prefer rational arguments over heated discussions. Max Sandor's presentations are an example of 'ethical rhetorics' that strives to avoid logical fallacies and to give a fair picture of all views involved. (Photo: Café Filosófico, Campinas, 2010)
    The basic laws that rule life are simple and intuitive, asserts Max Sandor. We as adults must set an example in transparent, logical, and structured thought if we really care for our children.  (Photo Sandor, Sâo Roque, 2012)
    (Photo by Marina Vasconcelos, Rio de Janeiro, 2017)
    Discussion with Alex Antunes.  (Photoshop by Vince Vinnus, São Paulo, 2017)


Max Sandor is a native German who has lived in many different countries for extendend times. He has studied Philosophy, Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Linguistics, and Computer Science with focus on Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Language Design. At the same time, he has immersed himself into the study of ancient cultures, customs, and languages on various continents of the world and became initiated to levels that had been previously closed to Europeans in general.

His early experiences in life and a quest of half-a-century made Max Sandor evolve into a leading pioneer in Peak-State experience and performance. He has been recovering ancient technologies for the development of body, mind, and spirit and has created many exciting, new such technologies himself.

Since 2004 he lives in Brazil and focuses exclusively on teaching and consulting on an individual and group level. His art of coaching and mentoring accesses a database of more than 1,000 methods, processes, exercises and ‘acts’ from which he can select exactly what you will need at this very moment in your life. From there we can together develop a concise plan for your development until the point of you being completely independent from any teacher or spiritual system at all.

Mission Statement:
Transtemporal Integrity and Independence

Transtemporal refers to transcending the particular limits of our current culture and accessing the informations of the collective consciousness of all Beings, something which we were customed to declare being inaccessible or subconscious informations.
Integrity is the result of reuniting the fragmented and compromised parts of the Being into a whole coherent, congruent, and consistent system.
Independence arises from mastering the ability to remove the limits that were imposed on oneself in the past and to evolve one’s own knowledge, capacities, and visions without relying on anyone else then oneself.