Itan’le – The torch of enlightenment

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What it is:

Itan’le is an ancient tradition to connect communities in their hearts, souls, minds, and spirits.

Literally, it means ‘a fire in a place’ but the place can be your heart, your house, your city, or the whole world.

Doing it in more than one place at the same time, it resonates and grows beyond its own local force.

Where it will be:

This year, at the Equinox September 2017. we will do it in four strategic places around the world:

  • Sydney, Australia 6:02 AEST Sept. 23rd
  • Columbus, Ohio  16:02 EDT Sept. 22nd
  • Zurich, Switzerland 22:02 MET Sept. 22nd
  • São Paulo, Brazil 17:02 BST Sept. 22nd

When it will be:

Times above are for the actual equinox. One can do it anytime during the following 24 hours.
One can also do it more than once.

This will give us a tetrahedron that is spanning the globe.

  • Sydney and São Paulo will enter the SPRING equinox, Zurich and Columbus, Ohio the WINTER equinox.

How it will be:

Divined pattern:



South: Osa-wonrin SHAPESHIFTING



General idea of using the Itan’le:

Above you can see the basic setup. This alone will guarantee a resonance.

To take advantage of this setup, I present several ideas in the following. Whichever of those seem easy and feasable to do for you, just do them and ignore the others.

If you are a facilitator, reflect carefully about the potential of your group before communicating any of the ideas.


Invocation (Switchwords):

N-S-W-E: regun sari fasa re-ur



tata dun ta tatata dun – dun tatata dundun tata – dun ta dun ta dun tatata – tata dun ta dundundundun

Voice and drum together (for Irete-0gunda / North)

Sounds (didgeridoo):

There is a World Didgeridoo Meditation at your LOCAL SUNSET in the 23rd of September. You may want to synchronize or participate. See here.

Visualizing exercise:

  1. Imagine the Earth sphere (concave or convex, as you like, or one after the other)
  2. Locate the four points on the surface
  3. Imagine the according qualities in and around those points
  4. Vibrate the Rune into the quality for additional strength
  5. View the resulting energy tetrahedron from various angles
  6. Shrink the tetrahedron to fit around your physical body (half a yard extra above and below)
  7. Rotate the tetrahedron as you like best for you


Feel gratitude to the Spirits in the air (North) – the spirits in the Earth (South)-  those in the past (West) and those in the future (East)

more advanced exercises:

  • chant the rune chant to each of the four drum patterns
  • for coparison. use other useful patterns, such as Owonrin-rosun and/or Otura-rete
  • separate chest and head voices according to the drum pattern
  • chant expressing gratitude
  • … expressing partnership
  • … ‘all-options’


(very) advanced exercises:

  • determine the Eshu numbers of each of the nodes of the tetrahedron
  • calculate the Eshu number of the entire tetrahedron
  • invoke the IRUNMOLE of the nodes
  • have the Eshus create a ‘gang of Eshus’
  • have them form a 4-Warriors formation (TASK FORCE, much like your personal rescue team in the 201 initiation)
  • determine a name for the complete formation and SPAWN it with clones occupying the other nodes (where you are not currently) and help resonate the tetrahedron

for those interestedin geometry á la Buckminster Fuller:

  • create a push/pull model of the tetrahedron based on the relative strenght of the Odus at the nodes

if that’s not enough yet for you, hahaha:

  • create a COMPLETE model including supporting Odus (based on the Eshu numbers) and create a push/pull model (or just meditate on the complete configuration)

Music/audio to play with it if you like:

“Greetings from the Seeing Heart” Sandor/Smith, 2013, based on Cherokee drum pattern for welcoming chiefs of another tribe.

Soundtrack to Max Sandor’s Worldtour 2012 by Trent

Olokun Meditation Max Sandor (Shango Overdrive)


See you there soon – wherever you may be !

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