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Workshop Series: Get the Power of Systemic Thinking!

For a more academic setting, Max created a 16-part workshop series.

To learn more about it, see the complete slide package here: PowerPoint Presentatioon of the Workshop Series 2007/2017

A Look at the cover page and the summary page:

The “Get the Power of Systemic Thinking!” is a Workshop Series consisting of 16 modules.


Sculpture: Ossayin 21st Century (Sandor, 2007)


Sculpture: Ossayin 21st Century (Sandor, 2007)

Dimensions: 120 x 110 x 60 cm
Material: Inox and scrap metals

An homage to the Orisha of plants, Ossayin.

Hiding out in the woods, even more so than his brother Oxossi, it is the most feared of all Orisha. Today’s Pharmaceutical Industry is his living testimony.

In the Sandorian Grove, we can find him at the side of bow and arrow of Oxossi.

Sculpture: Medusa (Sandor, 2008)


Sculpture: Medusa (Sandor, 2008)

Height: 260 cm, width of top part: 120 cm
Weight: approx. 20kg
Material: Scrap metal, metal post
Installation: metal base. cemented into ground, post with 20 degrees inclination, secured with 2 steel wires

History and Purpose

Dedicated to the Greek Gorgon called Medusa, a female archetype about which a multitude of contradictionary and confusing articles have been written.

Originally a legend from the time of the rule matriarchs, it was said that no man could look at her without turning into stone.

In Wikipedia, the limitation to ‘gazing males’ has been dropped, as well as the information that the Perseus legend was added after the introduction of patriarchism.

The archetypal scriptlet of ‘turning into stone upon looking’ can be found in various different places of human cultures. In the Bible, Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt after looking over her shoulder at the Sodom and Gomorrah. In many cultures, looking over one’s shoulder is considered bringing bad luck.

In Ifá tradition, these scriptlets are part of Odù Ifá Odi-Osa and the name Me-du-sa reflects this concept in its ‘energetic semantics’.

This sculpture, in its current location in the Sandorian Grove, has been located in front of Sandor’s mosaic representation of the maze from the myth of the Minotaur on the island Crete.

Defining the Matrix

There are a number of different usages of the word Matrix around. For our purposes, let’s have a fresh look.

Simple Definition of matrix:

: something (such as a situation or a set of conditions) in which something else develops or forms
: something shaped like a pattern of lines and spaces
: a container that can be filled with a material (such as very hot metal) to give the material a new shape
Source: Merriam-Webster’s

The word has come en vogue through the Hollywood trilogy of the Wachowsky brothers. There it describes a fictitious world, called the Matrix, where reality is a computer simulation. This is a concept akin to Digital Physics.

When we look around in literature, we will find a lot of usages of the word ‘Matrix’ as the system which keeps humanity imprisoned in various ways. This then is about mind control but this is not the way we are using it here. The best examples I know of are Jon Rappoport’s Exit from the Matrix, The Matrix Revealed, and Power Outside the Matrix, all linked to on the site No more fake news.

In Polar Dynamics I, we describe the Ifá Matrix of 16 by 16 energies that is creating a total of 256 patterns which are called Odu. The image displayed with this article, shows the pattern known as Oshe-tura as an example.

When I first used it this way (well before the Matrix Trilogy), I was more thinking of the usage of the word Matrix in the mathematical sense. But in Ifá, besides being one of the female Orisha, Odu can also mean uterus. Which means, in the end we are using it there both ways. In Quantum Fá, I compare this Matrix of 256 polarities to David Bohm’s concept of the ‘hidden variables’ underneath Quantum Mechanics. In Digital Physics, there are strong arguments for assuming a base matrix of 256.

In short, we are looking simply at the structure of the Universe itself and not at the manipulation of humanity. We arrive at a classification of the basic elements of Life, Universe, and Everything. We may postulate that there are physical equivalents in the Universe if we look at Quantum Mechanics. But if this is so or not, doesn’t matter for the purposes of using it the way we do.

If we look at the original definition of the word Matrix as that substance from which everything originates, we use the word ‘substrate’ for this ‘realm’.

Sure, if we blame our problems as human Beings in this world on charged polarities, or polarizations, we could also use it in the sense of ‘being caught in the Matrix’. Keep in mind, though, that we see the Odu Ifá Matrix as a playground for Beings and not as a prison. That the game has been rigged is not the fault of the engineers that created and uphold this matrix (which we call the Dreamers). It’s like complaining about the cinema equipment if we don’t like the movie that is currently shown.

[Note added July 27th, 2016] above should be added to a revised edition of Polar Dynamics I, below is PD II, nothing for the faint-hearted. Skip it if you are not familiar already with the terms.]

As above, so below, does not hold true for the Matrix parameters, the Universe above ours (Orun) has 36 triads instead of 16 base polarities. Chris’ Magick-Universe-Matrix page) In short, we find different ‘matrices’ above and below ours.

There is yet another matrix we can access in advanced processing. This is a grid, at least 3-dimensional, of points in the space below the space of the physical Universe – the ‘void-space’, called kshetra in Sanskrit. These points contain information clusters from which the Being extrapolates its inner model of the World. Awareness of these data sets as a ‘collection of different items’ breaks the illusion of the Universe, at least temporarily.

Seeing objects or concepts as different items is an ability that ‘ordinary’ humans are unable to do without training. In fact, they may laugh at you for making such a silly proposal. Gotamo Siddharto has pointed that out 2,500 years ago. We need to engage in a practice of it, a practice that some people find uncomfortable initially. Like in Original Buddhism, we take two objects and perceive both at the same time and ‘as different’. This, of course, is the principal way of depolarizing a charged dichotomy, such as an Odu Ifá, but also works for simple extremes on a scale of just one item. Example for the item ‘temperature’: feel ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ at the same time in two different locations of the body. (Warning: this polarity on the body can turn on symptoms of the ‘common cold’. If so, continue, of course, until they turn off again.)

Lastly, it is not enough to simply ‘crash’ the Matrix. We need to learn, through practice, how to reconstruct our Universe vision intelligently after such a reset. The same holds true for our other methods of ‘escaping the Universe’. This is limiting these kind of ‘hacks’. They are still useful to ‘get the picture’, so to speak.

As always, look for yourself!

Note (July 26th,16):
this article is a draft for a chapter in Polar Dynamics II, by Max Sandor (and Ed Dawson, I presume, and perhaps Chris Melchior ??). The discussion on kshetra (Pali: ketta) should be an article on its own. As Ed pointed out elsewhere today, the INSIDE of the INSIDE is essentially the OUTSIDE of the OUTSIDE and not accessible from the senses WITHIN any of the Universes. This depends of course from your where you look. If you remember the slogan of the Sandorian Grove in the past “Where within the Outside of the Inside is without the Inside of the Outside”. This Insight (sic!) was rather an insider joke and referred to kshetra. Access of this realm equates dropping out of all Universe chains but not yet submerging into the substrate (cp. Chris’ Universe page).
Again, of course, this is hopelessly confusing until you choose to look for yourself!

Awaz: Robot Psychologist

Robot Psychologist
by Awaz

As a robotics programmer I’m frequently asked; just what does psychology have to do with your line of work? I mean, why take a bachelors degree in something so unrelated to your profession.
The question is not a straightforward one to answer. My position is that an inquiry for knowledge comes from within. The observation of one’s immediate environment the ideal place to start. This year my most present being was Robert, a large white painted industrial robot.
Once coded the destiny of this trained monkey will be to toil endlessly in a factory. The program consist of lifting rock and mineral laden buckets; from a feeder conveyor, weighing them, and emphatically tossing the contents into one of several nearby crushing machines.
Destined to be a blue collar member of society, I began to teach him the necessary commands. Machine Code Commence: Pick bucket stop, If BucketWeight equals X then do Y stop. Else if … and ad nauseam stop.
Long days and late night coffees inherently led to errors in machine coding. Erroneous commands would bring the program screeching to a halt. Debugging the code frequently revealed a contradictory command. A move instruction comparable to the following; Go RightLeft. An obvious impossibility.
I was elated and far from frustrated. I’ve got it! This is similar to when confused people appear rooted to the spot. Seemingly incapable of moving from their position. Go left. Go right. The program that circles in one’s head has stumbled across an un-executable command.
Through an examining of human behaviour I began to see a resemblance with robots. Like machines, humans also appear to follow a pre-programmed script; Human code commence: If 7am wake up stop, if day equals WorkDay then go to place of employment stop… The idea captivated me. Psychologist hypothesize that we are beings of habit, but is this really just another way of saying we follow a structured program? One that we participated in creating and actively go about modifying with each new experience?
Human beings are obviously a lot more complicated than simple factory robots and the idea that we are unconscious beings blindly actioning a coded script is difficult to process at first. However, as I entertain this idea my mind flies along tangents of endless possibilities. And still the question remains; are humans just more complexly programmed machines?

Edward Dawson: Rte


Hello, my name is Edward Dawson. I have a wide range of interests, and these include spiritual knowledge, ancient languages, and ancient history. Recently these three came together along a line of historical research.

I occasionally write for The History Files, a massive online world history website run by Peter Kessler. Most of what I do for Peter is analyze the names of old European tribes to discover their meanings. While investigating the names of old German/Scandinavian tribes I ran across the German legend, recorded by civilization to the south, of Mannus and his three sons. Mannus of course means man, so we can’t regard these as real people, but instead a distorted legend of ancient German history. So according to what was written down, the three sons of Man would be (phonetically in English) Ingway, Istway and Hermin/Ermin. Ermin is of course a form of the ancient Indo-Iranian god called Varuna in India, also known as Ouranos/Uranus in Europe. I had the most trouble with Ingway, whose stem ing- I eventually realized was a cognate of the Avestan/Old Iranian word anghu – meaning life, being, spirit, existence, (extended meaning) the world, people of the world. This only came after I noticed a number of Avestan words beginning with ‘a’ had cognates in German languages beginning in ‘i’. This included . . .

Istway. I scratched my head for quite a while over why the hell a ‘son’ of Man would have a name starting with the verb to be, ist. It was not until I began looking at the second half of that name did I understand. The word pronounced ‘way’ (in the original -vae) means exactly what the modern English word ‘way’ means: a path, road, route, or by extension, anything to follow. But that makes perfect sense because English is a German language.

So Istway is the path to follow of what is. That sounds like one of the words for truth to me, truth is what is.

Parallel to this historical research I also was curious about something in Hindu philosophy called Rte. In reading about it I saw references to its co-origin in a Zoroastrian philosophy called Asha, where it was originally written as ‘Arte’. In a flash I saw it. Rte and Arte were the verbs to be, cognate with the older English word ‘art’. I looked up ash- in Avestan too and sure enough asha means truth, righteousness, world order, eternal law, fitness; and asti means is, or in German ist, with the ‘a’ converted to an ‘i’.
So what were the Germans doing following an Indo-Iranian philosophy? The next clue came from genetics.

There are two main ways of following the ancestry of people by gender. In women you use the mitochondrial genetic code, and to follow male lines you use the Y chromosome genetic code. Indo-Europeans predominantly have a code called R1, with some peoples possessing the R1a variants, and others the R1b variants. The R1a is found in Balts, Slavs, Indo-Iranians . . . and some Germans. Closest to the Germans geographically were the Balts and Slavs. But the Germanic languages do not show a basis in Baltic or Slavic tongues. They do show influence by Indo-Iranian. This indicates that long ago some steppe nomads, probably proto-Iranians of some sort, made it to Denmark, and judging by the genetic makeup of Germans, mixed with Old European, and also Celtic people.

Above I have persistently used the word ‘Iranian’ instead of the true word, the real word. The real word is offensive to me and also every every decent person, but at this point I must show it, with the disclaimer that I think the Nazis were monsters. The word Iran is a modern spelling of the original word Aria, which we usually spell Arya, as in Aryan. What does the word mean? It is the verb to be, used as a noun. Understand that? Good. So let’s go back to using Iranian instead.

For many years I have noticed that Hindu philosophical writings such as Upanishads were often stated in a flat, matter-of-fact manner which looked eerily similar to the way Germans write, and more importantly, the way Germans think. None of that whimsical, poetic style of Celts, no; more like a mechanic’s manual than the exalted language of a mystic.

So what is that? It is the flatly stated exact existence. It is saying what is. Rte, or Arte, is the folk philosophy of nomadic Indo-Iranian peoples. It is a no frills, no imagination, no overstatement approach to truth. It is practical and utile in application, and this includes a practical, utile approach to spiritual knowledge.

We have inherited this style of thought from these ancient people of the steppes. Keep using this approach. It works.

Edward Dawson

Itan’le – The torch of enlightenment

Audio file (1 hour) available here!

(note: just download the file (<50MB) if you don’t want to wait for it to start every time)

What it is:

Itan’le is an ancient tradition to connect communities in their hearts, souls, minds, and spirits.

Literally, it means ‘a fire in a place’ but the place can be your heart, your house, your city, or the whole world.

Doing it in more than one place at the same time, it resonates and grows beyond its own local force.

Where it will be:

This year, at the Equinox September 2017. we will do it in four strategic places around the world:

  • Sydney, Australia 6:02 AEST Sept. 23rd
  • Columbus, Ohio  16:02 EDT Sept. 22nd
  • Zurich, Switzerland 22:02 MET Sept. 22nd
  • São Paulo, Brazil 17:02 BST Sept. 22nd

When it will be:

Times above are for the actual equinox. One can do it anytime during the following 24 hours.
One can also do it more than once.

This will give us a tetrahedron that is spanning the globe.

  • Sydney and São Paulo will enter the SPRING equinox, Zurich and Columbus, Ohio the WINTER equinox.

How it will be:

Divined pattern:



South: Osa-wonrin SHAPESHIFTING



General idea of using the Itan’le:

Above you can see the basic setup. This alone will guarantee a resonance.

To take advantage of this setup, I present several ideas in the following. Whichever of those seem easy and feasable to do for you, just do them and ignore the others.

If you are a facilitator, reflect carefully about the potential of your group before communicating any of the ideas.


Invocation (Switchwords):

N-S-W-E: regun sari fasa re-ur



tata dun ta tatata dun – dun tatata dundun tata – dun ta dun ta dun tatata – tata dun ta dundundundun

Voice and drum together (for Irete-0gunda / North)

Sounds (didgeridoo):

There is a World Didgeridoo Meditation at your LOCAL SUNSET in the 23rd of September. You may want to synchronize or participate. See here.

Visualizing exercise:

  1. Imagine the Earth sphere (concave or convex, as you like, or one after the other)
  2. Locate the four points on the surface
  3. Imagine the according qualities in and around those points
  4. Vibrate the Rune into the quality for additional strength
  5. View the resulting energy tetrahedron from various angles
  6. Shrink the tetrahedron to fit around your physical body (half a yard extra above and below)
  7. Rotate the tetrahedron as you like best for you


Feel gratitude to the Spirits in the air (North) – the spirits in the Earth (South)-  those in the past (West) and those in the future (East)

more advanced exercises:

  • chant the rune chant to each of the four drum patterns
  • for coparison. use other useful patterns, such as Owonrin-rosun and/or Otura-rete
  • separate chest and head voices according to the drum pattern
  • chant expressing gratitude
  • … expressing partnership
  • … ‘all-options’


(very) advanced exercises:

  • determine the Eshu numbers of each of the nodes of the tetrahedron
  • calculate the Eshu number of the entire tetrahedron
  • invoke the IRUNMOLE of the nodes
  • have the Eshus create a ‘gang of Eshus’
  • have them form a 4-Warriors formation (TASK FORCE, much like your personal rescue team in the 201 initiation)
  • determine a name for the complete formation and SPAWN it with clones occupying the other nodes (where you are not currently) and help resonate the tetrahedron

for those interestedin geometry á la Buckminster Fuller:

  • create a push/pull model of the tetrahedron based on the relative strenght of the Odus at the nodes

if that’s not enough yet for you, hahaha:

  • create a COMPLETE model including supporting Odus (based on the Eshu numbers) and create a push/pull model (or just meditate on the complete configuration)

Music/audio to play with it if you like:

“Greetings from the Seeing Heart” Sandor/Smith, 2013, based on Cherokee drum pattern for welcoming chiefs of another tribe.

Soundtrack to Max Sandor’s Worldtour 2012 by Trent

Olokun Meditation Max Sandor (Shango Overdrive)


See you there soon – wherever you may be !


English Wednesdays, 12 h
( London/GMT, Sydney 22h, Chicago 7h (am), Abu Dhabi 16h )

3 sessions 59 US or 78 AUD
complete with discount 256 USD or 340 AUD

Note: you may give unused course credits as gifts to others or receive course units as donation from others (limits apply for discounted packages). You may also transfer credits from unused units for future online courses.

Course certificates available upon request.

More course details below!

Português – Quinta-feiras 20h SP/Rio. 23h Lisboa

3 sessões 37 cada uma, total de 111 Reais
Curso completo  (8+ sessões)  256 Reais

Nota: você pode dar créditos de curso não utilizados como presente para outros ou receber unidades de curso como doação de outros (os limites aplicam-se para pacotes com desconto). Unidades não usados podem ser creditados á cursos no futuro.

Certificado de participação disponível.

Veja em baixo para demais informações!

Italiano –  Martedi, ore 20 Roma/Milano

corso completo con sconto di 30% – transferwise link per 99 Euro
3 sedute  transferwise link per 57 Euro

Continua a leggere in basso!

Deutsch –  Montags, 20 Uhr Berlin/Zürich

Kompletter Kurs (8+ Sitzungen) 30% Rabatt – transferwise link für 99 Euro
3 Sitzungen  transferwise link für 57 Euro

Sponsored by:

50 page workbook (link available for participants)







If you ask yourself if this course is for you, READ THIS!

Max (12.6.17 @21:17BST): “Somebody just asked me if Quantum Fá would be “maybe something for him”. I answered as graceful as I could “Who are you? You, who are asking someone else about what YOU should know? And who is whom you ask this question other than yourself? IFÁ IS ABOUT *YOU* BEING HERE AND WHY. This means,.you gotta look into YOUR OWN F..ING FACE, buddy! If you want to relax, take the blue pill, go back to sleep, just don’t complain, don’t waste your time! — Otherwise, brace yourself, mate! Get ready for the greatest adventure of this Universe! Which is: HACKING THE SECRETS OF THE DEEP MATRIX OF LIFE. Not some conspiracy stuff or fancy theory but nuts and bolts of HOW THIS UNIVERSE REALLY WORKS and HOW TO USE IT TO GET FREE OF IT! If you want that – in this case, and only then, I shall greet you thus: ‘Welcome, my friend! Welcome to the Game of Games!'”

OMILIES – Quantum Fá Online Course 2017 Edition

Well, it’s time again for another edition of the Quantum Fá Online Course! Now as part of OMILIES. Discover how the ancient philosophy of Ifá can help you in daily life and in spiritual development alike!

Introduction into Contemporary Ifá. No prerequisites. Interactive. Non-linear apresentation, meaning: no problem if a session has been skipped or the course has not been followed from the beginning.
With 50-page online reference booklet containing charts and illustrations (no text).

Topics include:
– the 16 Principles of the Universe (Odú) and its derivation from the Yin/Yang polarity
– properties of polarities and the polarization effect
– the archetypes (Orishá) within the 16 principles
– classification of archetypes (8-complex model)
– specific topics selected as requested by the participants

Send a request for your favorite topic(s) before the course starts, so I can embed them accordingly. Examples: music, sports, flow state, math, relationships, emotions, happiness, health, money, etc

Practial applications (detailed exercises for doing at home):
– how to determine the probable pattern (Odù) of a condition or situation (and how to handle it accordingly!)
– how to recognize archetypes and their relations in life, family, work, etc, (and accordingly, how to play along with them for your advantage)
– how to recognize the 16 principles in your body to improve well-being, health, and happiness
– how to use the principles of Ifá in whatever profession, sport, or hobby Tell us YOUR preferred application(s).






Max (12.6.17 @21:17BST): Alguém acabou de me perguntar se Quantum Fá “talvez seria algo pra ele”. Respondi, o mais graciosamente possível, “Quem é você? Você, que está perguntando a outra pessoa sobre o que VOCÊ deve saber? E sobre quem é esta pergunta senão você? IFÁ É SOBRE *VOCÊ* ESTAR AQUI E POR QUE. Isso quer dizer que você deve olhar para a porra de sua própria cara, colega! Se você quer relaxar, tome a pílula azul, volte a dormir, é só não reclamar e não perca seu tempo! Caso contrário, prepare-se, amigo! Prepare-se para a maior aventura deste Universo. Que é: HACKEAR OS SEGREDOS DA MATRIX PROFUNDA DA VIDA. Não são conspirações ou teorias afrescalhadas mas sim as porcas e parafusos de COMO ESTE UNIVERSO REALMENTE FUNCIONA E COMO UTILIZÁ-LO DE FORMA A VOCÊ LIVRAR-SE DISTO. Se é isso que você quer – nesse caso, e somente nesse caso – irei cumprimentá-lo “Bem vindo, meu amigo! Seja bem vindo ao Jogo dos Jogos!”

OMILIES – Curso de Quantum Fá Online Edição 2017

Então, é hora de mais uma edição do Curso de Quantum Ifá Online! Descubra como a antiga filosofia do Ifá pode nós ajudar na vida cotidiana e no nosso desenvolvimento espiritual!

Introdução ao Ifá contemporâneo. Nenhum pré-requisito necessário. Interativo. Apresentação não-linear, o que significa que não há problema se uma sessão foi pulada (não assistida?) ou o curso não foi seguido desde o início.

Contendo apostila de referência online de 50 páginas só com gráficos e ilustrações.

Os tópicos incluem:
– os 16 Princípios do Universo (Odú) e sua derivação da polaridade Yin / Yang
– propriedades das polaridades e o efeito de polarização
– os arquétipos (Orishá) dentro dos 16 princípios de Odù
– classificação de arquétipos
– tópicos específicos selecionados conforme solicitado pelos participantes

Envie um pedido para o(s) seu(s) tópico(s) favorito(s) antes do início do curso, para que eu possa inseri-los em conformidade. Exemplos: música, esportes, estado de fluxo (não sei o que é flow state, meio que traduzi literalmente), matemática, relacionamentos, emoções, felicidade, saúde, dinheiro, etc.

Aplicações práticas (exercícios detalhados para fazer em casa):
– como determinar o padrão provável (Odù) de uma condição ou situação (e como lidar com isso de acordo!)
– como reconhecer os arquétipos e suas relações na vida, na família, no trabalho, etc. (e, consequentemente, como jogar com eles para sua vantagem)
– como reconhecer os 16 princípios em seu corpo para melhorar o bem-estar, a saúde e a felicidade
– como usar os princípios do Ifá em qualquer profissão, esporte ou passatempo. Diga-nos SUA(s) aplicação(ões) preferida(s)!



Max (12.6.17 ore 21.17 BST):“Qualcuno mi ha appena chiesto se Quantum Fà potrebbe “forse fare qualcosa per lui”. Ho risposto con tutta la grazia che potevo “Chi sei tu? Tu, che chiedi a qualcun altro che cosa TU dovresti sapere? E chi è la persona a cui fai questa domanda, se non te stesso? IFA’ RIGUARDA TE E IL PERCHE’ SEI QUI. Questo vuol dire che …. devi guardare DENTRO LA TUA FOTTUTA FACCIA, caro! Se vuoi rilassarti, allora è inutile che perdi tempo: prendi la pillola blu e tornatene a dormire, e non lamentarti! Se invece non è così…. tieniti forte, compagno! Preparati alla più grande avventura di questo Universo! Che è: VIOLARE I SEGRETI DELLA MATRICE PROFONDA DELLA VITA. Non roba di complotti o teorie alla moda, ma nudo e crudo COME VERAMENTE FUNZIONA QUESTO UNIVERSO e COME USARLO PER LIBERARTENE! Se tu vuoi questo – allora, e solo in questo caso, ti saluterò così: “Benvenuto, amico mio! Benvenuto al Gioco dei Giochi!”

OMILIES – Quantum Fà Corso Online Edizione 2017

Bene, è di nuovo ora di un’altra edizione del Corso Quantum Fà! Scopri come l’antica filosofia di Ifà può aiutarti nella vita di ogni giorno e nello sviluppo spirituale!

Introduzione a Ifà Contemporaneo. Nessun prerequisito richiesto. Interattivo. Rappresentazione non lineare, ovvero: nessun problema se si salta una sessione o non si segue il corso dall’inizio.
Con un libretto online di 50 pagine contenente grafici e illustrazioni (senza testo).

Gli argomenti includono:
– i 16 Principi dell’Universo (Odù) e la loro derivazione dalla polarità Yin/Yang
– le proprietà delle polarità e dell’effetto polarizzazione
– gli archetipi (Orishá) nei 16 principi
– classificazione degli archetipi (modello a 😎
– argomenti specifici selezionati come richiesto dai partecipanti

Invia uan richiesta per il tuo o tuoi argomenti preferiti prima dell’inizio del corso, in modo che io li possa incorporare. Per esempio: musica, sport, stato di flusso, matematica, relazioni, emozioni, felicità, salute, denaro, ecc

Applicazioni pratiche (esercizi dettagliati da fare a casa):
-come determinare il probabile modello (Odù) di una condizione o di una situazione (e come gestirlo di conseguenza!)
-come riconoscere gli archetipi e le loro relazioni nella vita, nella famiglia, nel lavoro, ecc ( e di conseguenza, come giocare con loro a tuo vantaggio)
-come riconoscere i 16 principi nel tuo corpo per migliorare benessere, salute e felicità
-come usare i principi di Ifà in qualunque professione, sport, o hobby.
Dicci la tua o le tue applicazioni preferite.

Nota: puoi dare crediti di corso non utilizzati come regali ad altre persone o ricevere unità di corso come donazione da parte di altre persone (si applicano dei limiti per i pacchetti scontati).




Recent summaries:

S17:E43 “Oh my God, Where are we going?” (July 5th, 2017, Portuguese)
Episode 43 of the 17th Season centered around a discourse on the path of humankind seen as an ever-repeating script of Ifá (pataki), specifically that of Orisha Eniyan which is symbolizing the human Being. Also featured were: the archetypes of nations; the highs and lows of Orisha Shango employed in enterprises of various sizes; Orisha Osanyin and the Pharmaceutical Industry.